Relaxation and Luxury

We know that Hair Salons apart from being a business are a center of relaxation and luxury for your clients, that is why we strive to beautify your salon.

Forget the concerns of who will keep your room clean and bright. Our team of cleaners with more than 13 years of experience know the importance of keeping your business clean and healthy, because we know the most important areas of your salon and we pay attention to the details that your clients recognize as important.

General Routine Cleaning
• Carpets Cleaning
• Cobwebs Cleaning
• Desks Cleaning
• Dusting Cleaning
• Vinyl Furniture Cleaning
• Walls Cleaning
• Water Fountains Cleaning
• Window Sills Cleaning
• Mini-Blinds Cleaning
• Plastic Chair Mats Cleaning
• Telephones Cleaning
• Tile Floors Cleaning
• Trash Disposal Cleaning


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